Welcome to kaze.physics.iastate.edu!

This is the web server of kaze.physics.iastate.edu. This is a computer in the Physics and Astronomy Department of Iowa State University. kaze (風) is the japanese word for "wind". This server is used for several Observational Astronomy projects. Many of these projects concern the study of winds from evolved stars.

Kaze is a Dell Power Edge 2900 III, dual quad-core Xeon 3.16GHz processors (8 CPU) with 48GB RAM and ~ 8 TB of hard drive. This server is intended to be used for the Astronomy group in the Physics and Astronomy Department at Iowa State University. If you are interested in having a user account, contact Massimo Marengo.

Descriptions of the available software, project pages, etc are available on the kaze TWiki site.

Questions, comments, requests for an account on kaze? Email Massimo Marengo. Last update: Dec 18, 2009