My primary research field is stellar astrophysics, which is the science that studies the birth, evolution and death of stars, and their interactions with the interstellar medium. These processes are mediated by the presence of “dust”, which is opaque at visible wavelengths, but a strong source of thermal radiation (infrared). As a consequence, my astronomic observations often rely on infrared telescopes and instrumentation.

Dust and gas “arabesques” in the Vela Molecular Ridge star forming region, observed in the infrared with the Spitzer Space Telescope (IRAC/MIPS, Marengo et al. in preparation)

A selection of current research interests:

  1. Pulsations and Mass Loss in Cepheid stars

  2. Mass Loss and Variability in Asymptotic Giant Branch stars

  3. Imaging Young Planetary Systems

  4. The Rings of ε Eridani

  5. The Spitzer Space Telescope and its InfraRed Array Camera

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